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Buy a local sim card

If your mobile phone is unlocked, you can buy a prepaid SIM card from Reception. Sim card costs only 500 vatu and includes 400 vatu credit. You can buy additional credit with prepaid cards from 100 vatu to 1000 vatu.

Hire a mobile phone

You can hire for your entire stay a mobile phone from Reception. It is a fixed fee of 500 vatu, then refill with prepaid cards from 100 vatu to 1000 vatu as it goes.

Call from Reception

You can use our landline anytime at Reception.
Local calls: 50 vatu / min
International calls: 100 vatu / min

To call overseas from Vanuatu

Dial 000 and the country code as follows:
Australia 61
Fiji 679
New Zealand 64
New Caledonia 687
Solomon Islands 677

To call Vanuatu from overseas

Dial the country’s overseas prefix, then the Vanuatu country code which is 678.